This is captain Doug Jansen! It is March 25th, reporting from Palm Beach CountyLake Ida today!

My guests were Roger and Diana Walker, they are visiting from Akron, Ohio. I think they made the right choice selecting Florida as their destination to spend the winter. Normally they fish from the beach or pier, according to their fishing report, so they thought they should give Lake Ida and peacock fishing a try. We use 7 dozens of shiners, we caught 15 peacocks and 30 bass. The biggest peacock was 4 and a half pounds, if you look at the picture they were color coordinated with the peacocks! They had a great experience, hopefully they choose Bass Online again. They said this was the most amount of fish they have ever caught in a fishing trip. They did an awesome job!

Until next time, this is Captain Doug signing out…keep your lines tight!