Hello! How is everyone doing? This is Captain Brian Brown with your March 29th Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Today we went out of the north end of the lake, I took Bruce Johnson and his friend Doug on a 9-hour trip. We met at Gerrard’s Tackel shop early in the morning. We set up on our first spot, we caught a couple of fish using shiners. With the heavy wind we couldn’t cast properly, hard to set up where we wanted to be. We had a couple of cold-fronts in the past days. We moved to a little spot, fish were biting a little bit more over there…we caught 20 bass, 3-4 pounds approximately. We ran into a 8-9 pound mudfish on the outside. Great day, great group of guys. They came from Ohio, they had the chance to have a trip of a lifetime and to escape from the cold. Wonderful day!

Don’t forget to book your next fishing adventure! Until next time, tight lines!