Hi everyone! Captain Steve Niemoeller with the fishing report for Friday March 27th.

Today I guided Ed and Rocco from Tennessee out on the St Johns River. We started anchoring up and throwing some shiners…we didn’t do any good on our first spot, so we moved. We ended up catching 22 bass, nothing really big..about 2-2 1/2 pounds. We moved around to a couple of creeks, we caught a good amount of bass there. We saw a couple of big ones, threw some shiners and they finally ate them. A lot of fun, tomorrow we are going to go back to St. Johns River…this is the first day out of our 3-day deal with the guys. Today was pretty good, as far as the weather… all day it was on and off cloudy, 80% chances of rain. It started raining around 2 p.m. but we were already out of there.

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