Good afternoon, this is Captain Robert Miley. Today is January 19th, calling in with the Lake Ida fishing report!

We had an awesome day today; I fished with Sandy and Louis. Fishing was overcast, a little bit slow too. We caught over 20 Large-mouth bass, up to 5-pounds. We caught nice Peacock too; they were in the 2-3 pounds range. Fishing was very good, they had a blast! Awesome trip! They came from the cold, New Jersey and Chicago area. Fishermen, if you want to catch some of this nice 66 degree weather that is overcast, Florida is the place to be. Come down and enjoy it. Give Bass Online a call.

This is Captain Robert Miley, have a fabulous day today. Anytime that you want to go fishing, is the best time to go! Do not worry about the weather, just come down south. It is a lot warmer here than it is up there. Take care, bye now!