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The bites still on!

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The bites still on!

Hi this is Captain Dave Lauer and this is your Thursday 15th, 2015 fishing report.

Reporting from Lake Okeechobee South East corner - Belle Glades, the bites still on! I have friends in town from the North West part of the country; they flew all the way down from the state of Washington. Brandon came down with his oldest brother. It was a birthday gift from his wife. If you are listening that was a wonderful gift to give to your husband, send him away so you can have the house just for you.

Anyways, we went through 4 dozens of shiners by 10 am. We caught several fish on the 5 pound range and a lot of 3 pounders. We ran out of shiners so we went artificial, Brandon (the birthday boy) caught a 5 ½ pounder with bait. He also caught several 3 poundsers and a whole bunch of small Large-Mouth bass. We had a great day on Lake Okeechobee; you can have an awesome day too! You can follow me on the website, with my daily fishing report. We will see you tomorrow at the same time, same place and with same people. We'll catch you. Bye.

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