Yet Another Lake Okeechobee Giant!

This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Folks…Lake Okeechobee is doing fantastic, huge numbers today. We caught over 60 large-mouth bass, just a fantastic day. Were hosting a big group trip for the next three days, lots of them have become friends and just a great group which leads everyone to having a blast.

Today I had Andy Fryer and Frank, and these two guys fantastic to hang out with the part of the group trip and we’ve been doing. Frank Frazier showed up today a little rusty, causing him to miss a couple of giants early. But as the day when on he actually caught the most fish, and he ended up with a few good ones.
Which makes it just so much fun with these guys I just can’t explain it. But the fish that Andy caught is an absolute giant of a bass. When you see the pics, you will know what I’m talking about.

Hoping for even a bigger one Lake Okeechobee giant tomorrow.
This is Captain Mark Shepard when you get a chance take a kid fishing!