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Weather was awesome Florida style weather

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Weather was awesome Florida style weather

Hey every-buddy, this is Captain Tony Masiello down in South Florida come to you from Lake Ida.

I had the pleasure of taking out Marty and Robert from Michigan. The day started off pretty good, we started the day using live-bait catching a mixture of large-mouth bass and peacock bass. The sun got high over head we switching to artificial lures and the fishing even got a little better.

Our biggest large-mouth bass today was (7 lbs - 6 oz) seven pounds six ounces and the biggest peacock bass weighting (4lbs-6oz) four pounds and six ounces. Our total catch for the day was right around (52) fifty-two fish we boated.

We had a great day, the weather was awesome Florida style weather.

Tight lines, Everglades Fishing

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