This is Captain Steve Niemoeller with another fishing report from Lake Toho,

Today I guided Paul, Phil, Ethan, Tim and Jack from Ontario Canada on Lake Toho. We shiner fish on Lake Toho, it was a brand new experience truly all new. They had never done this style of fishing, it’s always great to get new people. We started offshore trolling the shiner behind the boat, it started out fast with flurries. We weren’t out just a few minutes and they had a big blow up, we missed the first one, but caught the next two after that. Caught a couple more fish in that area and then Phil ended up landing one right about (5 lbs) five pounds.

That was the biggest bass any of them had ever caught, biggest for all of them up to this point was probably a pound or two. It was just a great day on the water with group, the boys were 6, 8 and 12 years of age. It was truly a neat experience with the young men, this was all new to them but they showed the excitement.

If your interested in booking a trip, give me a call…love show you around.

Capt Steve Niemoeller