Hey everybody, this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in from Slims Fish Camp at Lake Okeechobee.

I am actually calling in for Monday and Wednesday trip all at once, kinda like a two for one for all you listeners. For all you fishermen out there, its like catching two fish on one shiner..lol

So for both days, Monday and Wednesday I had Pete Miller from Rochester New York and his son Tim from Cleveland Ohio. The father and son duo spent three days fishing with us, the first two days with me and yesterday with Captain Roger in the Florida Everglades. The trip planned in memory of a friend that died, personally I thought this was so cool. They had a friend that had passed away and they came down here as a memorial trip because they all loved fishing together.

The fishing was a steady pick for both days, it wasn’t fast and furious like it can be some times. The water is high, it was a bit discolored because the wind has blown out of the North. It scatter out the fish and limits where you can fish, we found a few different spots  that were a study fish.

I think the first day Monday we had only two fish in the (3) three-pound range, the second day Tim had a (5 lb – 14oz) five-pound fourteen ounce Okeechobee kicker. The very last cast of the day Peter caught a (5lb – 90z) five-pound nine ounce trophy for himself.

The fishing is only going to pickup as the temps lower, the weather is beautiful here on Okeechobee. It’s in the seventies, sunny, little breeze, no bugs..let’s go fishing!

Talk to you later, Captain Dave out…