Hey there, is Captain Brett Isackson with another daily fishing from report from Lake Okeechobee.

For the last five days I have had Paul and Robbie Cruvellier out fishing on Lake Okeechobee. We fished the lake hard the first two days and are planning to fish a tournament together, stay tune for the results.

In the last two days of fishing we caught over (80) eighty fish. Robbie captured one that was (6 lbs- 10oz) six pounds and ten ounces and we had plenty of bass in the one, two and three-pound range. Most all the fish were caught pitching and flipping as well as burning baits across the top of the water.

The next day we tried a bunch of new areas in search of a bigger fish, why we caught what seem to be an endless numbers of one and two-pound bass which are plenty of fun. Paul did manage to catch one big Lake Okeechobee trophy monster bass that weighted (9 lbs – 9 oz) nine pounds and nine ounces. To make it even sweeter catch, he captured it by burning a Bass Assassin Die Dapper on top, what an explosion it was!

We were using the 5″ size Dis Dapper and switched between Gold Digger and Hammertime colors as the clouds or sun came out.

Looking forward to the tournament to see if we can capture an even bigger one…stay tuned!

Tight lines from Captain Brett Isackson.

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