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Fishing with Arron Stone from Middleton Delaware

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Fishing with Arron Stone from Middleton Delaware

Hello it's Captain Dave Lauer with another Lake Okeechobee fishing report coming to you from Slim's Fish Camp in Belle Glade Florida.

I wish I could tell you that we ripped them up everywhere I went today, but I ripped them in one place I went today. After exhausting about four or five different spots, I finally found a honey hole.

Today I was fishing with Arron Stone from Middleton Delaware. Residing now in rural Pennsylvania, came down with his girlfriend which he couldn't convince to come out with us. So he jumped on his Harley motorcycle and met me at Lake Okeechobee at day break.

Regarding Lake Okeechobee, the high water and winds have these fish on the move, we moved around to even places I caught them yesterday without getting a bite. Very typical of what's happen now on the lake, you just have to keep hunting till you find them...never give up attitude.

We ended up finding one cattail head where we just sat there and burned up three dozen shiners in one hour, it was fast and fieriest...not to mention lots of fun. With time left we ran out of shiners, so off we went throwing artificial lures. We ended up catching several more on artificial.

That's my report for the today, I'll be back out tomorrow. Talk to you later Capt Dave.

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