This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Well folks over the last 2 days the weather has been amazingly bad. I just finished up two days with Charlie Reid and his son Mark. We had 30+ mph winds on the first day, just unbelievable and really happy I had Charlie and Mark with me which are pretty good anglers. Despite the weather and winds we did pretty good on numbers, just could not land any big ones on the first day.

Second day, the weather broke records dropping down to 39 degrees on Lake Okeechobee, it was just brutal cold. With the wind still blowing 20+, amazingly we were still able to catch those Okeechobee bass. Big kudos to Bass Assassin lures and very cool Die Dapper. It simply blocked-out the weather conditions today and produced for us in these almost unbearable conditions. We still have one more day to with Charlie and Mark, let’s see what happens with the weather for day three. Either way the weather is bad, but the fishing is still GOOD!

Tight lines, Captain Mark Sheppard