Twenty-eight Peacock Bass today on Lake Ida

Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson with your daily fishing report.

Was on the water today with Bill Davis, we met up right early in the morning and drove down to Boynton Beach to fish Lake Ida. We fished today for a full-day which considered at least (8) eight hours. The target species today was the mighty peacock bass.

We caught a whooping (28) twenty-eight peacock bass today, most were in the (1 lb) one pound to (3 1/2 lb) three in a half pound range. We did end up landing several in the (4) pound range as well, all the fish were caught on live-bait as well.

You can always tell when you have had an awesome day peacock bass fishing, as your thumb will be shredded and throbbing!

Going to get a bandaged to go over my thumb, tight Lines from Bass Fishing Florida and have a good day fishing.