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Kept Panicking on these Big Explosions

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Kept Panicking on these Big Explosions

Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee Fishing report,

Today I fished with Troy and Kim from Ohio, great folks to fish with from my home town state. We mixed it up today by starting out with a little live-bait fishing, we had the opportunity to chip away at a few nice ones. Once we finished using live-bait, we went out and did some artificial lure fishing. Ended up being a great learning experience as we were fishing heavy vegetation which is not available in Ohio.

What a competition it ended up being between these two, Kim ended up out fishing Troy with the artificial lures. She was clam as can be, and he kept panicking on these big explosions that were really exciting but nerve-racking. Overall a real fun day on the water!

Tight lines, Captain Mark Shepard


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