Fishing with Keith from Boca Raton Florida

Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson with yet another great fishing report from Lake Ida

We had a short (4) four-hour day today with Jeff and his friend Keith from Boca Raton Florida. They want to specifically chase some Peacock bass, so I had them meet me at Lake Ida which was real close to their location. We caught (22) twenty-two peacock bass on live bait. We had to bounce around a lot today from finger canal to finger canal to get the bites.

It ended up being a real product day with a lot of in the (2 lb) two to (3 lb) three-pound range. If you ever caught one this size can be one the funnest and most hard fighting of them all. A steady action going all day, not counting the big ones we missed. I know next time they will do better!

Tight lines from Captain Brett Isackson.