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The Emphasis Peacock Bass in Florida

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The Emphasis Peacock Bass in Florida

The Emphasis Peacock Bass in Florida

Hey everybody this Captain Dave Lauer calling in, today is Friday September 26. I think, I don't even know what date it is...you got to love fishing!
But anyway, I went out on Lake Ida again with Jeff White and his son Jordan. We had to work for them today, but we went through 10 dozen shiners. And we actually caught a couple of big large-mouth today and both of them were over (5) five pounds. The emphasis Peacock bass, today the big males weren't biting but we caught a lot of females. You go through (10) ten dozen shiners your getting a lot of bites. Anyways the bite is still happening, we got washed out in the morning. Didn't even get out there until after (12) twelve noon.

Thankfully they wanted to go so bad we waited it out and still went out there and had a great day.
But anyway, tight lines everyone...I'll talk to you later Captain Dave Lauer!

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