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Max LaGaipa returns from Canada to FL Everglades

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Max LaGaipa returns from Canada to FL Everglades

Hi there, is Captain Brett Isackson doing your daily fishing report today.

I was out on the water work with Max La Gaipa. A returned, repeat customer of ours for about (4-1/2) four and a half-year to (5) years. We decide to go out in the Everglades, Max wanted to do a lot of flipping and pitching because he doesn't get a lot of chance to do that back in Canada. So we start off the morning doing a little flipping and pitching, he got (3) three fish to (4) four fish around (2) two to (4) four pounds. Flipping and pitching down the way, as the sun came up and it started getting hotter the pitching bite shut off. It shouldn't have, but it did so we started swimming Bass Assassin die dappers and big (16") sixteen inch worms across the side of the bank lines.

We ended up producing (40) forty fish up between (4) four and (5) five pounds for the rest of the day. We left the fish at (1) one o'clock and the fish were still biting out there, it was in-creditable to see that happen after a full moon stage going here in the Everglades and being so hot out!

Tight lines from Captain Brett Isackson

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