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Lake Ida Delray Beach Fishing

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Lake Ida Delray Beach Fishing

Lake Ida Delray Beach Fishing with Capt Doug

Hello this is Capt Doug Jansen, today I was fishing with Wes and his wife Brandy this morning on Lake Ida in Palm Beach County. We were fishing mainly for Peacock bass and ended up catching around 10 to 12 Peacocks with a few largemouth bass thrown in and a couple of cichilds as well.

For you fly fishing guys, Wes brought his fly rod and try to do some fly fishing. He ended up catching a few on a streamers. So, we ended up fly fishing, trying Artificial lures and most of the fish were caught on live shiners.

The temperature today was about 90 degree, pretty warm, partly cloudy and low winds other than that it was a nice day.

Hope they enjoyed themselves and hope to have them come back.

Till next trip, tight lines Capt Doug Jansen

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