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Miami Airport Lakes Fishing

Aerojet Fishing
The Miami airport lakes are next to the Miami International Airport, the airport is often noisy and congested. But this area should be avoided by traveling west to the Miami airport lakes. From the boat ramp, it is 3.0 miles to the entrance Miami Airport Lakesof the Coral Gables Canal, 4.8 miles to the lateral canal connecting to McDonald Lake (which is awesome), 和 7.6 miles to the intersection of Snapper Creek (immediately east of the Turnpike Extension). The non-navigable flood control structure of the Airport lakes Tamiami Canal near Krome Avenue is about 13 miles from the boat ramp. The combination of Tamiami and Snapper Creek canal systems provide urban anglers more than 43 miles of exciting fishing opportunities.

Miami Airport Lakes Peacock Bass Fishing

Airport lakes Tamiami canal offers some of the most exciting and varied canal fishing in all of southeast Florida. 几位垂钓者报道运河“三连击’ 或'大满贯’ catches of butterfly peacock and largemouth bass topped-off with a snook or even a tarpon. The butterfly peacock is a world renown gamefish that was successfully introduced in the mid-1980s by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to eat undesirable exotic fishes, and to give more sportfishing for anglers in the metropolitan Miami-Ft. 代尔堡地区. 倒下的树木, 运河交叉口, 急弯, 和死角,一般生产领域捕鱼的大多数物种. Sportfishes also congregate in the shade of bridges, culverts, and other structures. 海岸线的植被, 抛石, and even some residential seawalls (特别是在斗渠) also provide good fishing opportunities. 如果在总干渠强大的电流, 花更多的时间钓鱼斗渠, 小湖, 而从目前的避难提供其他领域 (例如, 切口, 桥桩, and the downstream side of spillways).

迈阿密钓鱼 has many options, the Miami Airport lakes supports excellent populations of butterfly peacock and largemouth bass that average about 14 英寸 (1.5 英镑), 近 50% 收获 - 能够蝴蝶孔雀和 40% of the largemouth bass are larger than this. 最大的蝴蝶孔雀 (10 英镑) 在佛罗里达州曾经证实了来自这条运河. 对于蝴蝶孔雀袋限制为每天两鱼, only one that can be greater than 17 英寸; up to five largemouth bass can be kept, 但是只有其中的一个可以是大于 14 英寸. 捞蝶孔雀通常最好从三月到五月, but they are caught consistently throughout the year. 只在白天,通常靠近海岸的蝴蝶孔雀饲料, 虽然学校教育孔雀有时会积极地喂在开放水域. Largemouth bass fishing tends to be best during the winter when the water cools, 而在清晨, 晚上, 甚至在夏天夜间.

Butterfly peacock are more likely to be caught using live fish for bait than are largemouth bass, 这使他们一个很好的鱼年轻垂钓者, 以及那些刚开始学习贝司鱼. 活鱼如在当地的商店解决购买小黄金鳊, 对于两个蝴蝶孔雀大口黑鲈最佳的整体诱饵. 它是非法的金鱼或诱饵其他任何非本地鱼类, 除了那些来自合法捕获并立即在同一管使用. 对于那些谁喜欢钓鱼人工诱饵, just about any fast moving minnow imitating plug or fly can be used to entice a peacock. 一大早寻找大海鲢在表面轧制, especially in the area just east of Red Road. Snook can be found throughout the canal system but tend to concentrate along vegetated shorelines and under bridges close to lake areas. Another species anglers might catch resembles a walleye; this fish is the brackish water bigmouth sleeper which is a long, cylindrical fish with many small sharp teeth.

The number and quality of panfish over six inches in Miami Airport lakes is about average for area canals. 活虫和蟋蟀的选择诱饵许多垂钓者panfish, 虽然新鲜面包或面包面团效果很好, 更是一应俱全, 和它的成本更低. 海岸线垂钓者将需要做一些探索,以找到海岸线钓鱼的最佳位置, and always be sure to park cars safely on public right of ways. Tamiami Canal Airport lakes area anglers might also catch a jaguar guapote from Central America, oscars from South America, or spotted tilapia from Africa. These exotic fishes were illegally released, and pose a threat to native species. Jaguar guapotes resemble a black crappie (speckled perch) with many small, sharp teeth. Oscars are a bream-shaped fish with a red or orange circle at the base of the tail, and they have a thick coat of protective mucus on their bodies. Spotted tilapia are also bream-shaped, 金色与黑色斑点或条纹颜色, 有些成年人有红色的对他们. 这些外来鱼类很好吃, and you can keep every one you catch.

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Miami Fishing Trips

Boat ramp Directions
The only public boat ramp is located in Antonio Maceo Park for the Miami Airport lakes. This park is open from dawn to dusk, and is operated by the City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department. The two-lane ramp is paved and in excellent condition. The park has picnic tables, grills, a playground, and a paved parking area, with brand new restrooms. Note: Manatees are quite common, so be careful boating and watch for posted regulations.

To reach the boat ramp, take the Turnpike Extension or I-95 to Hwy 836 (Dolphin Expressway). Take Hwy 836 east from the Turnpike or west from I-95 to Red Road (NW 57th Avenue). Go south on Red Road about 0.5 miles to NW 7th Street, east (left) 0.6 miles to NW 51st Avenue, and Antonio Maceo Park is on the left side just before NW 51st Avenue. Look for the back cast iron fencing, there two gate. The first one is the exit, the second is the entrance.
If you have never experienced Airport lakes peacock bass, 我们希望这个山峰的兴趣足以把你的第一次创业到迈阿密湖这个奇妙的运动鱼. 有成千上万的人在搜索佛罗里达孔雀鲈的,我们会很高兴,如果你可以让我们带你捕鱼. 让您的钓鱼之旅变成现实与我们的专业之一 孔雀鲈钓鱼向导.

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Cumberland Advisors Commentary - Peacock Bass & Cuba

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If you want French in North America, go to Québec or trek to Saint Pierre and Miquelon, two French territorial islands in the North Atlantic near Newfoundland. If, on the other hand, you want to visit Cuba without leaving the US, go to Miami. And if you also want, as I did, to experience fishing for the Amazon’s peacock bass, you can actually do that in South Florida.

The Blue Lagoon Peacock Trip

airport lakes
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Afternoon Bob, I’m finally getting a chance to post a review! I had the pleasure to fish with you a couple weeks back. On a Blue Lagoon Peacock Trip. I was also finally able to find some time to go on and look at all the trips they offer. Sorry it has taken so long, but work comes first! I truly had a great experience and will be back for more.

Blue Lagoon Peacock Trip

airport lakes
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I had a great day with Captain Robert Miley. Like he mentioned it was very hot but he still was able to put me on a lot of peacocks one of which I had wished for a big bull! If you are wanting the experience of a lifetime and if you have a bucket list. I would truly recommend fishing with the best, Captain Robert Miley. Thanks again Bob for a great trip.

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